5 Ways To Make Money With Your Blog

5 ways to make money with your blog

There are many blog owners that have plenty of traffic but no idea how to make money with their blog. I see this question posted quite a bit in online forums “I have decent traffic to my blog, my question is, how do I make money from that traffic.”

So, when I see these questions I am basically shaking my head. Not to be a jerk, but only because I am thinking about all of the money these bloggers have let slip through their fingers. So, I decided to write this 5 ways to make money with your blog simply to help out.

You see, traffic takes time to develop from any blog, unless you are paying for that traffic. Some people start out writing about a passion and wanting to just share info or inspire others and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact sharing information is what it’s all about. But why not be able to profit from it while you are sharing info?

I notice that a lot of these bloggers begin to get this feeling after their traffic grows “hey, this is great I am getting traffic, but I am paying for this blog financially and also with my time. How should I monetize it?”

And that becomes the question, what way’s are there to make money from the targeted traffic you are getting?

5 Ways To Make Money From Your Blog

Making money with your blog isn’t that hard it just takes action. And the solutions I have listed below for you are pretty simple to execute. These are all “Newbie Friendly”.

Affiliate Marketing From Your Blog

Affiliate marketing can be a very profitable way to earn money from your blog. First you have to start your blog and fill it with content. Once you are starting to see traffic coming in than you can start to earn through being an affiliate.

Their are affiliate networks out there, that allow you to start right away.

Clickbank is one and Amazon is the other. Why do I mention those two you may be wondering? Simply because their is no approval process.

affiliate clickbank blog

You simply sign up for free as an affiliate, search for the products you want to promote and than grab a link or banner to put on your website.

Once your affiliate link is on your website, any of your visitors that click on your link and purchase that product, it is tracked for you and you receive a commissions or a percentage of the sale. Pretty simple right?

There are plenty of popular affiliate networks out there, but many of these require approval for each product that you want to promote and that usually takes time, That’s why I am recommending starting with the two networks above.

Commission ranges can vary from product to product. Amazon is much lower commission’s at 4% to 6% of sale, but sales can come easier through them as people are familiar with Amazon in general.

With Clickbank commission’s can be as high $500 per sale but are not as easy to convert.

It’s a great starting point, once you get the feel for these networks you can ramp up your income by joining other networks.

Sell Ad Space From Your Blog

sell ad space

Since you have traffic coming to your blog, it becomes valuable real estate for other website owners and marketers. They may want to tap into your traffic or Domain Authority by placing a banner or text ad on your blog and since you want to make money with your blog, this is a win – win scenario.

Depending on your amount of daily traffic you are receiving, you can charge a one time fee, or a monthly fee for people to place their ads on your blog. I always recommend a monthly fee for the simple fact that, the more your blog followers and traffic grows the more you can charge per month for ad space.

Your prices will increase accordingly to your authority and traffic. You’ll have passive income coming in on a monthly basis.

This is a way to bring in money every month, if affiliate marketing is “not your jam.”

Now, if the thought of selling ad space “turns your crank”, I suggest investing in a WordPress plugin. Why? Because if you pay a third party to sell ad space on your blog, you will be paying a monthly fee and that is cutting into your profits.

Some good Plugins to consider are:

That is a few options for banner ads management. There are plenty of other banner managers out there, some paid and some are FREE, but these should give you a starting point.

Get Paid Per Click From Your Blog Traffic With Adsense

Monetize Your Blog With Adsense

Another way that many blog owners rake in a fortune daily is through contextual ads they place on their blog like Adsense. Google’s Adsense program allows blog owners a way of creating passive income from their blog.

How does Adsense work? You apply by signing up for an Adsense account here. You should know that Adsense has some strict requirements for applying and getting paid through them.

The first thing you should be aware of is your blog has to have original content. But since this article addresses people that want to monetize their blog traffic, I figure you already have content and are receiving daily traffic.

Another thing to remember is that they will not accept websites with certain other ad networks if they are already on your blog. Also, no hate or porn type sites. They have full details as to what an Adsense publisher can have and not have on their blogs in order to get accepted.

Also note that back in the day you get easily get approved for Adsense quickly, but these days it takes longer. I have no explanation other than it may be because of crappy Covid which has really slowed everything down.

It may also be that they are just more stringent on who they accept, I am not sure, but it is definitely worth any waiting.

Once you have been accepted you simply choose various style text, image or video ads to place on your blog. You will want to them to blend with you blog by changing the colors to match your sites content. And placing them strategically within your blog were they will receive the most clicks.

Adsense spit’s out some javascript code you simply copy and paste into your blog where you want the ads to show.

There are plenty of Free WordPress plugins that will easily place Adsense code in multiple positions throughout your blog. All you have to do is search within WordPress plugins for Adsense and they will show up.

make money with my blog

Since ads can range from a few cent’s per click to over $100 per click it is really up to you to do your research. This is where it can be profitable to be niche specific. There are plenty of articles online that will list cost per click for keywords that can be earned on Adsense, all you have to do is search.

Just keep in mind that If you were to build your blog around the keyword Mesothelioma this is over $100 per click. That is crazy profitable, I mean 5 clicks a day would make you $500. On the flip side of that, ranking for this oversaturated keyword is going to be extremely tough.

There are keyword software that can find hidden niche keywords for you, as well as show you the typical cost per click you can expect to make.

Google Keyword Planner will show you cost per click and expected traffic. It’s also free you have to use your google login or sign up to use the tool.

KeySearch not only finds untapped traffic keyword phrases for you it also let’s you spy on your competiton . Also stocked with full seo tools.

SemRush and Spyfu are two amazing keyword cost per click and research tool’s and I would only recommend these subscriptions because of cost. if you are going to build Adsense sites.

There is a lot to learn about making money from your blog with Adsense.

This is an excellent proven training course that members have earned from with Adsense you may want to check out.

Get A Profitable Email List From Your Blog

make money from blog

Let me ask you a simple question? “Did you know that dollar for dollar email marketing is the most profitable form of marketing?” It skies over Facebook and Pay per click on return on investment.

They say “the money is in the list” for a reason. Each subscriber on your email list should earn you $1.00 per month. Doesn’t sound like much, but when you have 10,000 subscribers I think you see the potential.

So, if that is the case why aren’t you collecting emails from all those visitors? If you want to make money from your blog than you should be embracing email marketing.

Email marketing when combined with product recommendation to your subscribers (Affiliate marketing) you can earn some serious bank. And if you already have traffic you should be attracting that traffic to sign up for more info, future posts, discounts, training tips or your newsletter.

You can achieve this by adding a pop-up or subscription form on your blog. You do that by getting yourself an autoresponder account.

An autoresponder is basically a robot that mails for you. You simply enter pre-written emails. You could add 1 or a 1000 follow up emails into your autoresponder, so that when a person signs up for more info, lead magnet or your newsletter, you autoresponder begins sending these emails to them.

It is a proven way to create sales through email marketing. By simply giving your subscribers useful info, you’ll be able to slip in your affiliate links and earn commissions.

autoresponder make money blog

There are two autoresponders that I highly recommend. They both offer free 30 day trials.

Getresponse – This autoresponder is not short on features for email marketing. It is widely used by affiliate marketers and has been around for since 1998.

Aweber – Aweber offers simplicity and effectiveness. While it does not have all the “Bells and Whistles” of Getresponse, this autoresponder is pretty much considered it’s equal in most areas including deliverability. Aweber is equally considered when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Once you have set up your autoresponder, you can simply copy and paste the pop up/subscribe form to your blog to capture leads and grow your list.

This is an amazing course from Multi-Millionaire email marketer Matt Bacak that walks you through everything you need to know about being successful with email marketing.

Create Your Own Product To Sell

Sounds pretty daunting doesn’t it? It’s actually a lot easier than you would think to create your first product. Why would you want to do that? You may be thinking. Well a flood of payments into your Paypal account would be nice wouldn’t it?

Since you already have steady traffic searching for your content on Google, than you know that this content is important to your visitors. By simply creating an e-book that dives deeper into what they want, you can literally make some serious money with your blog.

Creating your ebook is simple as writing a post on your blog. It is simply a longer version of your post. So if you can use a text editor, you can create your own e-book.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do it. Open Office is the free version of Microsoft office and it’s what I always used, since when I started out online back in the day, I was too poor to buy Microsoft Office.

My daughter is always trying to get me to switch over from Open Office to it, but I am too stuck in my ways. If you are familiar with Microsoft Office as most people are you can use that the same way to create your e-book.

Simply download Open Office

create your ebook

Once you have downloaded it, simply double click to install. Once you have installed the software, open it and go to Text Document. From here you can give your e-book a title, add images and start typing it’s that simple.


You can edit anything from changing font’s to colors, add links, add images, etc. Always make sure to save your project. Remember writing your own e-book that you can sell is not a race, you want to add useful info over time, so it could take days, weeks or even months to create.

your own e-book

When your all done simply click the PDF icon, give your file a name and save it to your desktop. You have just created your first e-book that you can sell by simply uploading it and tying it to your Paypal account.

Now that you have it created you are going to have to design an e-cover for your book. Canva the graphic design app allows you to create free covers, banners and basically any graphics you need.

Sqribble is a popular all-in-one solution to create your e-book with e-book cover. It’s the best out there, with plenty of features to create a professional looking e-book to sell.

What’s awesome is you are only investing some time and effort to make your e-book that creates an income stream for you. Now, you can sell your e-book from your blog.

Also creating your own e-book brands you as an authority in your niche. This is a “Niche Friendly” solution for you. You can write an e-book for any niche that your blog revolves around.

Pretty simple yet this can be an extremely powerful way of making money with your blog.

In Conclusion

In this 5 ways to make money with your blog article we talked about some pretty simple ways to start earning money. There are literally hundreds of way’s that blog owners are earning income from the content that they share.

If you can take action and “think outside the box” you can monetize your blog, so that you are earning passive income which is awesome. Talk about having a side hustle. I hope you enjoyed this article, thank you for visiting and take a look around.

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