Commission Ignition Review 2020 – Will It Help You Drive Traffic And Make Sales?

In this Commission Ignition Review we will give a brief overview of what Commission Ignition is, who created it, how much it costs and the one time offers, the bonuses included and if it’s worth the investment.

CreatorJonny Rose and Sasha Ilic
ProductCommission Ignition
Launch Date2020 – Nov – 2
Launch Time10:00 AM EST
Official websiteClick Here
Front-End Price$12.45
BonusesYes, Huge Bonuses From Vendor and Me
SkillBeginner To Expert
Guarantee30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Commission Ignition is a traffic training source that you can exploit to drive hordes of targeted buyer traffic to your affiliate sites, blogs, lead pages, online stores or basically any destination you desire.

Commission Ignition Review and Bonus

I was lucky enough to be offered an early evaluation of the training course and will give you an honest Commission Ignition review, so you can decide if this is training that can help you.

Why Commission Ignition May Be The Traffic Training You Need

As an affiliate marketer a steady flood of targeted traffic is a surefire ticket you and I to be making big money through regular affiliate commissions. The problem is that most targeted traffic can cost you an arm and a leg through Pay Per Click platforms like Google Adwords, Bing ads, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, etc..

As we go along in this Commission Ignition Review I will show you the main traffic source that this training revolves around

The advertising sources for affiliate products are so incredibly saturated that you can expect to pay anywhere from $1.00 to $10.00 per click. Unless you have some training on lowering your cost per click with paid advertising, you can see just how expensive it can be.

You would need a massive daily advertising budget to really be able to compete.

Commission Ignition Teaches You How To Get Free Traffic

Sounds good doesn’t it? Everybody likes free! Free traffic is great, but search engine traffic can take a long time to pay off to your websites. And you can’t send search engine traffic to an affiliate page. I know it sucks, but unless you have a blog with your affiliate links, the search engines do not rank affiliate sites.

I currently use the traffic source in Commission Ignition and can verify it is “Top Notch” at driving hordes of traffic to your websites, even affiliate pages.

I’ve seen a few other Commission Ignition reviews from some of the Top review websites in my field and I noticed that they would not share the traffic source that Commission Ignition training revolves around.

I try to help other affiliate marketers out, not just make sales, so I’ll show you below.

Even if you read my Commission Ignition Review and don’t feel you need the training, you need to be aware of the traffic source. It is literally an untapped source that you can rake in passive income from.

What is Commission Ignition Training All About

Commission Ignition teaches you how to drive highly targeted traffic through Quora to your websites. You may not be familiar with Quora, but if you are in affiliate marketing you need to become familiar with this simple “Ask and Answer site”.

Quora’s creators actually used to work for Facebook before founding Quora in 2009. With over 300 Million users. Over 54% of users earn over $100,000. So talk about buying power.

34.9% of users are tier #1 traffic from United States. 4 million questions are asked daily on it’s site and there are over 400,000 topics on the site.

I’ve used Quora marketing before going through the Commission Ignition training, but actually learned a lot. You simply register a free account on Quora, set up your profile and than start looking through questions members have asked.

For me, I would search for people asking how to make money online, how to affiliate marketing etc. Questions that are laser targeted to my niche. Than I would simply help them by giving them a thought out and in-depth answer.

Once I started answering peoples questions, I was shocked at how many visitors I would get in return. Not only was I building my name as an authority, I was driving highly targeted visitors to my links. Yes, you can direct link in your answers on Quora.

But you need to know how to do it properly so you are not viewed as a spammer.

Not only are you driving traffic and getting clicks on your links, your getting High authority backlinks from Quora to your sites.

Unlike Twitter where your post will only be worth a crud for about 15 minutes, with Quora your post stays up for ever and I am still getting traffic from answers I made 8 months ago.

Here is one quick answer I gave and have gotten 415 visitors

That’s just 1 answer out of a ton that I have answered. Getting this detailed training has really made me realize, that I could use Quora alone to make a fortune with affiliate marketing. It can do the same for you.

Keep reading this Commission Ignition review to find out if it’s worth your time to get it.

Let’s Dive Into The Meat and Potatoes Of This Commission Ignition Review

Commission Ignition is training series of videos that show you how to master Quora marketing. It was created by 2 digital marketers that are literally crushing it with traffic and commissions from this free traffic platform.

Let’s Meet The Creators Of Commission Igniton

Jonny Rose a known marketer with many successful product launches such as: Passive Profile Profits, Clickfunnel Converter, Gram Grands, Corona Virus Cahflow and BlaberMouths.

His partner in launching Commission Ignition is Sasha Ilic who is also a digital marketer with successful products. Sasha has many previous digital info products.

commission ignition review
Commission Ignition Review

What’s Inside Commission Ignition

The first thing you come to is the dashboard where you will find a quick welcome and overview video.

commission ignition welcome dashboard

After Going through the welcome video, you will start going through all of the Commission Ignition training videos in the left hand column. These are broken down into shorter videos which I enjoyed. I am the type of person that can’t handle sitting through long videos, so I appreciated that they were broken down.

I watched all the videos to give you an honest Commission Ignition review so you could be more informed.

1st section of commission ignition training series
sommission ignition training videos

The videos take you by the hand and teach you everything you would need to know about getting ton’s of FREE traffic from Quora.

Here is the listing of the training videos you will get instant access to:

  • Welcome to Commission Ignition
  • Watch this first: Understand the power of Quora
  • SECTION 1: Main Training Presentation – Quora Made Easy
  • Introduction To Quora Marketing Made Easy
  • What Is Quora All About?
  • Setting Up Quora
  • Using Quora to Market your Business
  • How to post your videos to Quora
  • Using Quora to Find & Engage Buyers
  • Repurposing Content for Quora
  • SEO Hack: Adding a backlink to your Quora Answer
  • Setting up Quora Ads
  • Setting up a Traffic Campaign
  • Setting up a Remarketing/Retargeting campaign
  • Cross-promoting Quora content on Social
  • Reviewing your Quora performance
  • Boosting commissions with The Quora Flywheel Strategy
  • Formatting Quora Answers the right way
  • Simple Quora Strategies To Get More Commissions
  • Making Easy Money with Quora Answers
  • Quora Dos & Don’ts
  • Quora Marketing Premium Tools And Services To Consider
  • Quora Marketing Success Stories
  • SECTION 2: Making Money With Quora (Case Studies)
  • Introduction To Quora case studies
  • Stefan: How to setup a profitable Quora Ads campaign
  • Ahmad: $274 paydays with Quora, Google & ClickBank
  • Sadik: $50/hr Quora + Ask Wonder hack
  • Prasanth: Using Quora To Drive 34,000 visitors to My Affiliate Promos
  • Nagu: $500 Quora Post Method
  • You’ve finished – so what now?

You’ll also get 5 Case Study Videos as a bonus

The Benefits Of Commission Ignition

Commission Ignition training takes you by the hand showing you from signing up to expert in using Quora for marketing. I have been using Quora to drive targeted traffic for a while now. The fact that I was able to pick up a lot of tips and tricks through this video series, to me is invaluable.

It’s not unreasonable to get hundreds if not thousands of visitors to your website from answering one question. Many affiliate marketers are making bank just using Quora alone as there main traffic source and now you will learn how to join them.

Think is you scaled this and set aside an hour or two and answered 10 questions a day? Your traffic would go through the roof!

The benefits to you are learning how to tap an “amazing under the radar source of steady free targeted traffic” to your affiliate sites to quickly increase leads and commissions.

What’s great is it’s instant traffic, no waiting around for months, like with Seo.

You will also become an authority in your niche by simply answering peoples questions. It’s like social media marketing on steroids.

Search engines like Goggle will give you backlink juice to your websites from an authority site. Every link you leave is a link back to one of your pages.

Another awesome benefit is that this Commission Ignition training will show you how to also use paid advertising on Quora. Quora unlike other paid advertising sources can be as little as 34 cents per click.

Commission Ignition Price and Oto’s

How Much Does Commission Ignition Cost

Fe – Commission Ignition – $12.45

Commission Ignition will teach your list how to harness the organic power of Quora to make thousands of dollars a month – no mailing list, social media experience, or product development necessary!

Commission Ignition contains ONE HOUR of over-the-shoulder training and FIVE VIDEO CASE studies from leading internet marketers who’ve made four-figures in the past month with Quora.

Here Are The Commission Ignition Bonuses

Commission Ignition Bonuses
Get Commission Ignition

Here Are The Oto’s

OTO 1: Commission IGNITION PRO – $27

This UPGRADED video course contains over-the-shoulder teaching that will bring your business to the next level using the Commission Ignition strategy.

Commission Ignition PRO shows you another platform with ZERO competition AND how you can start reaching buyers in any niche you want.

OTO 2: Commission IGNITION DFY – $47

100,000+ pre-written Quora answers for Beauty, Business, Careers, Cars , Computer Technology, Destinations, Disease Illness, Finance, Gardening, Health & Fitness, Home & Family, Home Improvement, Internet Marketing, Leisure Travel, Medicine, Pets, Real Estate, Self-Improvement, Sports, Weight Loss –

“Just add your affiliate link to the article & post”

OTO 3: Commission IGNITION Resell Rights – $97

Keep 100% of the profits when you resell Commission IGNITION to friends, family and email list or social media audience. Buy the Resell Rights and Jonny will bump you up to 100% Commissions Throughout The Entire Sales Funnel

OTO 5: Commission IGNITION Coaching – $77

A hr of 1-2-1 coaching, conversation and collaboration where buyers can get their questions answered by me, discuss any stumbling blocks they’re having with the product, or just ask anything they want about internet marketing.

Commission Ignition review Bonus

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How To Collect All Of The Bonuses Above

Simple, they will be waiting for you where you access Commission Ignition, no waiting around.

Get Commission Ignition

Get Commission Ignition

I hope you enjoyed the Commission Ignition Review, check out my ShopZPresso Review

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