My Lead Gen Secret Review- My Top Pick for 2020 – Plus My Crazy Bonus!

Let’s dive into this My Lead Gen Secret Review?

My Lead Gen Secret was created by online marketer Jim Harmon. He tells us he started out making money with affiliate marketing using Google Adwords. He also claims he received insider information from a Google employee about how to use Google Adwords to create success. I can confirm this was an easy way to get “Laser Targeted Buying Traffic” to your affiliate sites and offers back in the day. Marketers were making money “Hand over Fist” back in the early day’s of Adwords.

I used it myself when you could pay 10 cents per click for keywords like “make money online.” Unfortunately that was many years ago, the game has changed, not many affiliate marketers have the training to master Adwords.

ProductJim Harmon
CreatorMy Lead Gen Secret
Launch Date2016
Launch TimePreviously Launched
Official websiteSee it here
Front-End Price$59.00
BonusesYes, Over $6,000 Worth of Bonuses
SkillBeginner friendly – All Levels
Money Back GuaranteeYes 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

What My Lead Gen Secret is offering you

Jim is selling a funnel/lead building system, which is a daily mailer that you can send messages to the leads that are deposited into the mailer. You can mail these leads your offer 1 time each day. What can I market to these leads. so keep reading this my lead gen secret review to get all the details.

What can you market to these leads

These leads have filled out a form requesting information on making money from home. So, you I suggest that you send emails aimed at affiliate marketing / make money niches. Although some members have made commissions marketing weight loss products to these leads.

How many leads do you get to send your offer to?

You get 100 leads per day, deposited into your mailer. So 100 first day, 200 second day, 3rd day 300 and so on. So in 30 days, you have 3000 leads and it keeps growing. If you sign up just one person to MLGS you get 200 Leads per day, So you can see how the leads can build up quickly. And by selling this system to others, you get 200 daily leads by just getting 1 person to join…simple right? So, your leads double to 200 per day, everyday. Once you’ve read my lead gen secret review take action.

View My Bonuses Right Here

You’ll Also get access to 100’s of email swipes and squeeze pages to pull in sales through our My Lead Gen Secret reviewprivate Facebook Group, which I will send you details on how to join after you have become a member!

Here is what Jim claims on the My Lead Gen Secret sales page:

100 leads=1 sale
200 leads= 2 sales
1000 leads = 10 sales and so on….Wow….awesome!

Affiliate marketing is truly a numbers game, so in 30 days I should be making 30 sales a day and growing. All this for spending $1.00 a day using My Lead Gen Secret (MLGS) supposedly.

Why would you need Jim’s make money system?

You’ll find a more in-depth My Lead Gen Secret at this site, because I am a member.

Jim targets the fact in his sales pitch that getting leads can be extremely
expensive nowadays through advertising platforms such as adwords, facebook ads, etc. Without a massive advertising budget, you just can’t create enough sales to create a regular online income. The My lead gen secret is a solution that is not widely known to internet marketers that he is willing to share with you.

Jim’s My lead gen secret is going to solve your marketing problems instantly, by combining a mailing system with fresh leads daily. He mentions a solution to this is “splitting the cost per lead”, This is the secret to his success. This is a viable marketing method, he is sharing leads with other top marketers, so he is paying less to purchase them and than sharing them with you.

These leads are considered Co-Registration leads, they have given permission to hear from multiple sources.

So what happened when I purchased it?

Well like I mention further in this My Lead Gen Secret review, I screwed up!

So, after hearing some good things about my lead gen secret, I decided to join. It cost $30 to have your system set up and leads for the month at 29.95 to start. Than it’s $30 a month. There is a one time offer to buy “the master email swipes” for 59.95, which I highly recommend. I’ll explain why in a little bit.

So, I purchased both and logged into the members area to get familiar with the mailer, where my leads were and watched the tutorial videos which were extremely simple to follow, I might add.

In the video I watched, It showed me how I could make money, by just promoting the system or If I choose I can promote Clickbank, JvZoo, Warrior Plus or any affiliate links. Since, I had heard nothing but great things about this program, I decided to just market my affiliate link at first to test it out.

So, moving right along I head over to the leads section. This shows me how many leads were deposited with I.p. and all that good crap. What’s great is you get 100 leads automatically deposited. Once you get 1 prospect to sign up to the system, you get 200 a day for life. Pretty cool! These leads are mine, So I can and will download them and upload them to another autoresponder if I wish.

So what happened? I screwed Up

I have to “eat crow” at this point and admit I screwed up. I left the swipes on my hard drive wanting to write my own emails. I figured, I have experience writing email newsletters, so I can market to these prospects. Wrong…very wrong! I tried for over a month and a half writing my own emails with “0” sales, sign ups, I even marketed clickbank products as well and nothing. Eventually I got ticked off I did what most people do, I cried My Lead Gen Secret review is a scam and quit!

“Why did I struggle so bad the first time around? I am used to having an ongoing relationship through my newsletter with my subscribers. This is different, these leads didn’t know me from Adam, that is where the email swipes come into play in making you sales and commissions.”

So simple, once you purchase them, you simply click a button and they automatically load into your mailer. You are allowed to mail your list 1 time daily. So, every 24 hours. This prevents spam complaints.

Do you have to purchase the email swipes? Not at all, I am just saying they seriously worked like a charm for me.

Let’s dive deeper into this My Lead Gen Secret review.

The Mailer itself

So now all I have to do is click a few buttons and my swipes load, including emails I had previously wrote.

Now, let’s check out the stats

So now back to the original story. That will teach him I thought!

So, this next part sounds like bullsh@t, but this actually a true story. I get an email from Jim himself at My Lead Gen Secret asking me why I quit. “I tell him, no success with selling on your system. He say’s, I looked at your mailings and noticed that you didn’t use the swipe emails. He say’s I’ll tell ya what, I’ll give you the next month for free use the swipes and you’ll get sales and signups. I said okay, I’m game”.

I wondered if he saw my first My Lead Gen Secret review and decided to give me another shot? But than I found other people he reached out to with the same chance to try it again for free for a month.

Fast forward 9 days later, I have 7 signups and 2 people took the one time offer and I got a $100 Commission for signing up 5 in a week, that’s quite a bonus for 15 minutes of work a day. I now get 200 lead per day, just for having 1 sale. It’s not a huge amount yet, but I was stunned, “how simple I thought to myself”. Now that I know, I have to use the swipes to generate sales it’s so freaking simple. My first time using this system I was trying to re-invent the wheel, when I should have just used the swipes. Keep reading the my lead gen secret and grab the bonus!

My Commissions for first 9 days in My Lead Gen Secret

Now you may be saying to yourself ” $5.00, wtf that’s kind of low”. You have to look at the big picture, I will get a $100 bonus for getting five signed up in a week. For every 5 in a week you get $100 bonus, pretty sweet. So if I sign up 40 people in a week that $800 in bonuses. You cant beat that for basically clicking a couple of buttons.

Better yet, these commissions are recurring or what affiliates call residual. That means each one gives you $5 a month. So when my downline grows to say 1000 once I start really marketing that is $5,000 per month and growing. Also, I can promote other affiliate opportunities to them at the same time. Earning potential is massive.

Another awesome thing, is by just getting a few people to join a month, the membership becomes free and the rest is pure profit. I can’t tell you how many people don’t ever realize that….There is no out of pocket fees that way to make more money.

Another awesome benefit of My Lead Gen Secret is that “my list is growing on steroids Hands Free”. So, I can start marketing higher commission affiliate products as my list gets bigger.

So yes, I am giving a glowing My Lead Gen Secret review to you. Like everything a lot of people join and don’t follow the training and log in a nd use the system daily. In order for it to work, you have to mail your leads daily.

Here are the various My Lead Gen Secret affiliate commissions you receive promoting the program itself.

Here is the pay plan that can help you earn upwards of $5000 per month. Many members are doing that marketing the system as well as other affiliate offers.

The Levels are 5 deep
You get $5 a month for each sale you generate on Level 1
You get $4 a month on each sale that level 1 generates (Level 2)
You get $3 a month on each sale that level 2 generates (Level 3)
You get $2 a month on each sale that level 3 generates (Level 4)
You get $1 a month on each sale that level 4 generates (Level 5)

You get a commission on multiple levels, this equals $1000’s in Residual Income every month!

You also get a 1 time commission for each “Master Swipe Email Series” that someone buys. I am not going to break down the commissions for those, but they are similar to monthly commissions you receive.

What’s pretty awesome is the $100 bonus every time you get 5 signups in a week. If you sign up 20 people in a week, you get $400 and so on.

In Conclusion of My Lead Gen Secret Review

Would I recommend My Lead Gen Secret, yes I seriously would. The system is completely set up for you. This is literally add affiliate link in email and click a couple of buttons and you will see success. It might take a few weeks until you have a bigger amount of leads built up, but it just works, plain and simple.

Like I said, my first My Lead Gen Secret review I bashed the system. But, it was entirely my fault, because the system works when you follow it.

$60 to join and than $30 a month after that. I earned a lot more than that my first month using the system and marketing other affiliate products. It will basically pay for itself and than some, so It’s kind of a “No Brainer” if you ask me! The money is in your list!

And an owner that offered me to come back and give it another chance is amazing. I have heard that he will do what it takes to work with you to help you succeed and I can verify that personally. Even after I did not follow the instructions the first time around, now that “I am following the system to a T” and I am starting to make profits. This system is pure gold in my opinion. It’s a great home business system for someone that does not have a lot of time, experience or money to invest.

Do they pay out commission’s on time

Actually, this is the best support I have seen in any money making system I have ever seen. After you reach $30 in commissions you simply click a button that says request payout. You are paid within 24 hours.

You have 3 options to getting paid:

  • You can request a check
  • You can get paid through Bitcoin
  • You can get paid right to your Paypal

I requested payout the first time and got paid in about 2 hours. The second request was like 15 minutes, I was like “holy crap that was fast” to get into my Paypal account.

How about their Support?

Their support has been “Top Notch”, they always answer any questions and are always open to suggestions. And I don’t wait days to hear back.

Here is My Bonus when you Join My Lead Gen Secret from this page!

I’ve set up a pretty “Sweet Bonus” for you when join from my link. Actually it’s one of the best you will find, It’s over $2000 worth of products for you.

And I’ll also give you access to our Facebook group where you will get massive amounts of knowledge and Free tools to help you become successful.

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Here is my website email if you have any pre-signup questions or you have signed up already through my link and want my help.

I hope you enjoyed this My Lead Gen Secret review and feel better informed.

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