Should I use Social Media ads to promote my Affiliate link?

So now that you have joined an affiliate program, you are probably wondering “How do I get traffic to my affiliate link to make commissions“. The joining is the easy part. Something that is basically a science in itself….the actual marketing aspect of being an affiliate.

The meat and potatoes of making money with affiliate programs is to
drive targeted traffic to your affiliate link, plain and simple. But, if you are new to being an affiliate you will probably find this to be overwhelming. There are many ways that super affiliates or high earning affiliates are generating traffic, sales and signup’s. But, what about advertising on social media? Is it a cost effective means to get visitors?

Let’s take a look at advertising with Social Media

Social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok to name a few have literally exploded over the past 15 years. It took off with Myspace back in the day and has grown “crazy” in popularity. It started out as a way to let people know what was going on in your life, from family to friends. And also you could see what they were doing.

As time went on many affiliate marketers realized as their followings grew, they could promote themselves and their affiliate products or services to these masses.

Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads offers you a way to get your affiliate product or services seen by the masses global social network. There are plenty of targeted advertising formats available for you to market your affiliate product, from video ads,images, video poll ads, carousel ads and many other options.

Cost is definitely a factor, so make sure you have a budget set aside that you can afford daily as with other pay per click or impression ad formats. Also a more effective means of advertising with Facebook ads is to send them to a squeeze or lead page to capture their emails as opposed to asking for a sale right on the spot. You will have a much higher percentage of sales through follow up with these types of visitors.

Instagram Ads

Instagram offers you a an excellent way of getting traffic to your affiliate link, just like Facebook because of the massive amount of people that us this social media platform on a daily basis. It has over 1 Billion users worldwide, so there is a huge pool of potential buyers for your products.

Instagram, just like Facebook offers you multiple types of advertising formats to promote your products and services from Stories ads, image ads, video ads, carousel ads and more. It can be a highly effective means of funneling traffic to your affiliate program/product. Again, you will need to set aside a daily marketing budget to use this social media juggernaut.

Twitter Ads

Twitter is also an extremely popular social site that let’s you establish yourself as an expert in your field and can help you grow your income. By posting interesting and informative news, tips or articles, you can grow your followers exponentially. We know that growing followers can also increase your sales through your recommendations of products and services.

What is great about Twitter is they too offer paid ad placements so you can promote your recent tweets to gain more followers as well as videos, and actually driving traffic clicks. There are many options available through their ad network.

Tik tok ads

Tik Tok is newer to the social sharing scene than the others. Short videos power this social media platform. If you are looking to reach a vast age range and worldwide prospects, than Tik Tok advertising could be the
solution for you. Over 60% of Tik Tok’s users are under 30 years old, so that is definitely something to consider before investing in this social media traffic source.

Since Tik Tok advertising is relatively new, it can be very expensive to
advertise on. You must have $500 to open up an account. This makes it too costly for an affiliate that is just starting out. Or your ad better convert like Crazy!

With all of the above social advertising sources, you must set aside a budget that you can afford daily. You have to “Test, test, test” what is working and what isn’t or you can lose a lot of money quickly.

But, if your ad and offer is “hitting and turning profits” you are on your way!

Your advertising can make you rich or it can make you go broke quickly as an affiliate, So, I strongly recommend setting daily ad budgets low and adjusting from there according to how your testing comes out.

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