Viddyoze Review – Does it work?

The product is called Viddyoze. This cloud based video animation software claims that you can make studio quality animated, eye catching videos with ease. Let’s see if this puppy really works and is worth the investment.

For starters, This video animation software is used by over 100,000 customers. Here are some of the notable companies that are using the software.

  • Vodafone
  • Sony
  • DHL Express
  • Tesla
  • Verizon
  • Philli[s

These are some of the major companies that are currently using Viddyoze software to create stunning animated videos. They have made it available to people like you and I for marketing, business, freelancers as well as anyone looking to just create more sales or brand themselves through professional quality videos.

First let’s look at the features

With the Viddyoze software this is what it offers you after purchase:

  • Cloud Based – So no hosting required, no desktop software set up
  • 3 click video build, simplistic, basically automated
  • Animations that can be customized to your brand
  • Professional live action animations
  • Professional studio intros and Logo strings
  • Social media animations to increase follower, shares and likes
  • Seamless studio quality transitions
  • Create stunning Outros for marketing
  • Show transparency in your videos
  • Multiple studio grade effects to make your videos pop
  • Access to 170 Templates – This is an extra monthly fee

Who would benefit from this video animation software?

Who would this video software be good for? Let’s face it video marketing and branding is huge in 2020. If you are not embracing it than you are surely missing out on a lot of sales. Not to mention that many people use it for branding and increasing followers on social media.

It’s important if you are going to create videos, to make them as professional as possible. That is what Viddyoze animation software does for you in a few clicks.

How much does Viddyoze cost?

The first and lower cost option is the Personal edition. With this edition you can make up to 30 videos a month for yourself. The cost is $77

The second option is the upgraded membership at $97. With this upgrade you get unlimited renderings and also unlimited useage rights on clients videos

The Oto’s for Viddyoze Upgrades

In order to get access to the 175 templates, you will have to pay $37 per month to be able to access these.

There is also an Oto to use even better templates and to sell to customers for their own use.

My Conclusion

Yeah, Viddyoze animation software is awesome at building Kick Ass videos if you are using Youtube for marketing your products, driving traffic or just branding your channel.

Let’s face it, without video editing tools it would make it a lot harder to turn out professional quality videos.

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